Trust is Important in the Critiquing Process

When you let someone critique your story, you are putting your baby into their hands. Critiquing is a partnership. Working together to make your story the best it can be. When you post your story online to places like your blog, Facebook, and other sites, you’ve just published it. This makes it even more difficult to find representation because it’s already accessible to the public at large.

Unless you join a password protected writing site or critique group. If a site is password protected, you can post your story for critique. If you don’t have time or do not want to get involved in the process of critiquing other people’s stories before you can get feedback on your own, I am a great alternative. Posting your story anywhere comes with a small risk of someone else stealing your hard work and putting their name on it, even password protected writing sites.

I don’t have time to steal your story idea. I have plenty of my own. No idea is a new idea, and yours is yours. Both critiques, all suggestions, and brainstorming ideas belong to you. I am offering my critique services to help you make your baby the best it can be before you put it out into the world. I’d love to work with you in the critiquing process and make your story shine the way it deserves to shine. I know how to change the diaper, and I have the right tools to help you build your story into a strong, well­-told tale.

Don’t Get Scammed

Taking it to the next level and sending your work out for submission is a big world of hurdles, some of which are on fire. Now that you’ve joined the wonderful world of creating a story full of people and what happens to them, you don’t want to send it to the wrong place and lose it forever. How embarrassing to get that box of your book and there it is: a typo in the title! Misspelled words, how did those get there? I will give you the information you need to tell if the publisher or agent is a scam or legitimate.

Hobby or a Business?

No matter if you have more than one story idea screaming to get out of your head, or you wrote a story just to see if you can, a critique will let you know if you have “it”. Even if you’d rather dabble with pen and paper in your spare time, and don’t really want to be too serious, what if you have the ability to tell a great tale? Using my critique service will answer that one question, and it’s all up to you after that. If you are serious about getting published, you must make your story a business. Kiss your baby gently on the head, tell her you love her, then set your attachment aside and get ready to go to work. A critique of your manuscript is priceless when it helps you sell your story to a publisher, or see good sales if you self-publish.

I spent 8 years going from critique groups to writing groups, to forum discussions about writing with very little success. Critiquing groups and writing sites are full of other writers trying to learn the process. Most of the time I got a pat on the head and told how wonderful my story was. Mixed in amongst all the praise were a few critiques that pointed out my flaws and gave me simple instructions I could understand on how to fix the problems. I spent untold number of hours doing it wrong. I spent hours and hours critiquing other people’s work just so I could post mine for critique. Do you have that long? Do you have the time and energy to invest in the process?

I get more enjoyment and satisfaction watching a writer grow, and helping them than I do anything else. Let me help you. Contact me at, friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and watch my story ideas unfold on Pinterest.

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