Monday Madness – October


The key to any successful story is balance. I found a great article on narration and show vs tell. This article has some great information on how to bring your readers closer to your characters and closer to your story. She gives examples of distance and closeness, which I think are wonderful. New writers and seasoned writers make these mistakes that are so easy to fix. Continue reading “Monday Madness – October”

How to Create Memorable Fictional Characters

1-1Have you heard of Huckleberry Finn? He’s been an unforgettable character since 1884. Memorable characters are what make stories great. They feel like real people, making the reader care about what happens to them.

You can have an engaging plot, cool stuff that happens, and tons of conflict, but if you don’t have a great character the readers can care about, your story is lacking. Love them or hate them, readers want to care about your characters. Continue reading “How to Create Memorable Fictional Characters”

Author Branding and Marketing 101

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Marketing is the number one tool for reaching readers. Readers equal customers. Without marketing, who will know you have a book for sale? Gone are the days when you did your job and wrote the story, and the publisher did their job and promoted it. Continue reading “Author Branding and Marketing 101”