Author Interview – Sonya M. Black

Do you like fairy tales? Sonya M. Black is your author. She adds just the right amount of angst to make your average fairy tale twisted. I met her on a writing site we are both members of, and she can weave a story like nobodies business. Her stories are full of twists and turns and surprises. I think you will enjoy her writing, her worlds, and her characters. Continue reading “Author Interview – Sonya M. Black”

Author Interview – Scott Bell

scott bell picOne of the best things to happen in my writing career was meeting Scott Bell over five years ago. He’s taught me a lot, and I will be forever grateful. Witty, charming, hilarious, and not bad looking, his secret identity is, Suburban Man. His superpowers are lawn care and BBQ grilling. I asked him, “What’s your genre? Thriller, action, adventure, Guns & Roses…?” His answer was, “Yes.” With his two kids in college, majoring in Psychology and Aerospace Engineering, he has time to retreat to the world of writing fantastic stories. Allow me to introduce – Scott Bell. Continue reading “Author Interview – Scott Bell”