Author Interview – H. L. Burke

H.L. Burke

I met H. (Heidi) L. Burke a few years ago in a writing group. I’ve always loved her stories, and I’m very happy for her success. Back when we first met, she was an epic fantasy fan, and she’s moved into writing some great young adult novels. She loves to crochet while spinning new story ideas around in her head. May I present, H. L. Burke, the writer of fantasy, young adult, middle grade, and steampunk. Continue reading “Author Interview – H. L. Burke”

Author Interview – Demi Hungerford

demi hungerford

I want to start my author interviews with a romance writer I met in an online writing community a couple of years ago. Demi Hungerford. An avid bird lover, Demi spends her time hand raising hookbills and finches with her husband of 19 years, who she met online. Solid proof you can meet the person of your dreams on the Internet. Continue reading “Author Interview – Demi Hungerford”