Author Interview: Heather Hayden


I met Heather on a writing site, and I fell in love with her writing right away. She always has good advice and she is very nice. She writes wonderful fantasy stories, and if you have young people in your life, you should pick them up one of her books. You won’t be disappointed. She and I had a lot of fun together doing book reviews for The Naked Reviewers, and I enjoy her take on the books I read.


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Author Interview – William L. Spencer

Author interview time!


This month, I’d like to introduce you to a short story author, William Spencer. William and I are members of a writing site, and he always has good advice to share. He lives in San Diego, is married with two children and two grandchildren. For ten years he ran his own communications consulting business, and before that he was the national creative director for KPMG’s employee benefit consulting practice. And, he loves classical music.

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Author Interview – Tim Kimber

I found Tim through a blog article he posted on point of view in fiction writing. I saw a kindred spirit and started stalking him. He is a short story king, interweaving horror, fantasy and science fiction with flare. When he’s not ripping off people’s skin in his stories, he is a staunch Whig and enjoys “debating” with Tories every chance he gets.

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Author Interview – Milli Gilbert

The first Monday of the month brings another great romance author, Milli Gilbert. Her celebrity crushes are Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch. She used to be a closeted nerd, and then someone opened the door to writing and she didn’t just walk through it, she jumped over the threshold. Her first novel, Nerdgasm is scheduled for release on Black Friday of 2017.

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Author Interview – Kristen Kooistra

012This week I wanted to introduce you to a really good fantasy writer, Kristen Kooistra. She is a stay-at-home mom who feels like she was probably born in the wrong era. Being home with her kids and doing things that most people her age would hate, means she has fun with life. She loves to dance to techno-pop, Star Wars, Renaissance Festivals, and Dr. Pepper is a weakness. If it involves fun on the water, she’s there jetskiing, swimming, or any water sport on a dare.

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Author Interview – Bigga Day

bigga-dayAnna W. Aden, aka Bigga Day, is curious about other people and always reads their about page. Although she primarily writes short stories, she is branching out into the world of novel writing. Her hobbies are reading, writing, and eating good food.

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Author Interview – Scott Bell

scott bell picOne of the best things to happen in my writing career was meeting Scott Bell over five years ago. He’s taught me a lot, and I will be forever grateful. Witty, charming, hilarious, and not bad looking, his secret identity is, Suburban Man. His superpowers are lawn care and BBQ grilling. I asked him, “What’s your genre? Thriller, action, adventure, Guns & Roses…?” His answer was, “Yes.” With his two kids in college, majoring in Psychology and Aerospace Engineering, he has time to retreat to the world of writing fantastic stories. Allow me to introduce – Scott Bell. Continue reading “Author Interview – Scott Bell”

Author Interview – R-R Varg

rin katio

Better known as Rin-Rin to friends. R-R. Varg is from Chilly Sweden. The dream of becoming a webcomic artist unleashed a talent for writing Yaoi/Shounen-ai, and Rin never looked back. This genre, Japanese gay erotica/romances are animes that are growing in popularity quickly. Rin writes mostly sweet, fade-to-black Boy Love/Shounen-ai/LBGT anime romance. Continue reading “Author Interview – R-R Varg”

Author Interview – Victoria Alexander

Victoria AlexanderYes, you read that right. The New York Times Best Selling, world-renowned romance author, Victoria Alexander is in the house! Having her as a guest for an author interview is a giant coup for me. A huge honor. Victoria is the reason I became a writer. I wanted to write great romances like she does. Continue reading “Author Interview – Victoria Alexander”

Author Interview – Ivy Nelson

Ivy Nelson

Ivy is from my neck of the woods, Texas. I haven’t known her for very long, but I have had the chance to read the story she will be publishing in the Fall of 2016. Once she found the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) a few years ago, she got inspired to publish her own stories. Her passion is romance. She loves cooking, travel, wine, whiskey, and karaoke. Not necessarily in that order. Here she is, Ivy Nelson. Continue reading “Author Interview – Ivy Nelson”