Author Interview – Jim Lewis

This Monday, I’d like to introduce a wonderful poet. Jim Lewis. He’s not only a poet, he is an artist, a musician, and he uses a camera like no one else with his breathtaking photography. After being introduced to e.e. cummings in high school, he decided using upper case was for sissies, and he never outgrew it. He loves his huge family, with more grandkids than I can count, and he has a deep appreciation for the outdoors. When he’s not creating great poetry and music, you can more than likely find him hiking, kayaking, or traveling to great destinations.

Please allow me to introduce, j. lewis. Continue reading “Author Interview – Jim Lewis”

Author Interview – RA Winter


Time for my Monday interview with a romance author. RA Winter is among my top favs. She loves to read and considers all books her favorites. She listens to classic rock, and her obsession with SciFi movies is legendary among her friends and family. Her joy of studying genealogy and has produced three reference books on Mason County, Kentucky. With Native American family, her passion is to write stories surrounded by the culture, the history, and the tradition in contemporary times. Continue reading “Author Interview – RA Winter”

Author Interview – Ashley Capes

001This Monday’s author is a poet and a novelist, living in Australia. Ashley Capes. He is a renaissance man of his time. Along with being well-traveled, he is a good writer, an artist, he makes music, and he’s an all-around cool guy. His passion is the haiku, and he fills pages with them. He has performed at the Queensland Poetry Festival, and his work has appeared in Best Australian Poems 2012. If you love poetry, contemporary, paranormal, suspense, magic realism, and fantasy, Ashley is your man. Continue reading “Author Interview – Ashley Capes”

Author Interview – Francisco Cordoba

fraciscoThis weeks author interview is with Francisco Cordoba. He has an exciting eight book romantic, suspenseful, paranormal series called, The Horsemen of Golegã coming out this year. Francisco also publishes humorous and strange erotica under the pen name, D. de Carvalho. As Carvalho, he published Hot Pink Heels and has a novella called, Hot Pink Dragon coming out in February of this year. He loves Bach, The Moody Blues, and equines. The Old Masters of classical horsemanship is a passion he talks about a lot. His only hate in life is when people misspell the word Houyhnhnm. Continue reading “Author Interview – Francisco Cordoba”

Author Interview – Sha Renée

shaI met Sha on a writing site several years ago, and we hit it off immediately. She is a fellow Naval Veteran, and but for the span of time, we served on the same base in California. I love her writing. Her book teasers are so good, I can’t read them for fear they will creep into my own writing. Steamy sex, well-rounded characters, and fantastic plots, her stories take you away from your real life and immerse you into a world of love, great sex, and hot bodies.

Without further ado, I give you Sha Renée. Continue reading “Author Interview – Sha Renée”

Author Interview – Kristen Kooistra

012This week I wanted to introduce you to a really good fantasy writer, Kristen Kooistra. She is a stay-at-home mom who feels like she was probably born in the wrong era. Being home with her kids and doing things that most people her age would hate, means she has fun with life. She loves to dance to techno-pop, Star Wars, Renaissance Festivals, and Dr. Pepper is a weakness. If it involves fun on the water, she’s there jetskiing, swimming, or any water sport on a dare.

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Author Interview – Bren Kyveli

000000001This Monday, I invited Bren Kyveli for an author interview. A very lovely young woman I met a few months ago. Her contemporary romantica is hot and steamy, just the way you like it. Her résumé carries some pretty impressive skills like wife, mother, chef, maid, financial manager, personal assistance, childcare provider, and naughty mistress. She’s a bargain hunter who loves to cook, good wine, bold coffee, and hates living the same day twice. Continue reading “Author Interview – Bren Kyveli”

Author Interview – Gary Wedlund

001I met Gary Wedlund in an online writing forum a few years ago. He’s from Hilliard, Ohio, and he writes in many different genres. Historic Fantasy, Zombie Horror, Post-apocalyptic, and Paranormal just to name a few. He writes, he plays music, and he paints. Be sure to stop by here and take a look at some of his watercolors. Absolutely amazing work. Continue reading “Author Interview – Gary Wedlund”