Published Works I Critiqued

Having a hand in the process, watching a writer grow and seeing them succeed is awesome. I’ve created a list of some of the published pieces I critiqued. I’m honored to have been a part of the publishing adventure of these authors. Check out their stories on sale now. I’m so proud of them all!

Due to how fast and big this is growing, I’m going to revamp the list and showcase the books a little differently. I won’t be able to give in-depth blurbs. Click on the covers for links.



Jim Tacon
His quirky style is filled with humor. He takes the mundane and turns it into comedic art. The campy romance stories he tells leave you wanting more.


Kathryn L James
She writes well-developed characters in great settings with compelling plots and steamy sex. Her contemporary romance style is filled with hot men and independent women.


In less than forty-eight hours, the Story of a Kiss anthology raced up the charts on Amazon to take the #9 spot for books and #10 for Kindle eBooks in the holiday romance categories. Check out the trailer for Crazy Beautiful Lies, it’s awesome.


Barbara Elsborg
Get ready to laugh when you read anything by this author. Her stories have wonderful humor mixed in with hot sex and great settings. You like Scifi? Romance? Paranormal? Thrillers? Mystery? This author does it all and leaves you wanting more.


scott bell pic

Scott Bell

Scott is published through several traditional publishers like Red Adept Publishing and Dragons Roost Press. His stories are action-packed and filled with humor, well-developed characters, intriguing settings and great writing. Good guys, bad guys, and saving the helpless and innocent is what he’s good at.


Desolation: 21 Tales for Tails. Written as J. S. Bell, Government Waste is a fun read.


Katie Stephens

She writes fantastic short romance stories, among other things. Her short story called, Alphabetical Disorder is a good fit for the collection of shorts called, Love Least Expected.


scott-bell katie story

Mused – The BellaOnline Literary Review published Katie’s short story called, Home in their Spring 2014 issue. A day in the life of an elderly lady. This one tugs at the strings of your heart.


Peter Barber

He writes darn good romance for a boy. He is well known over at Red Adept Publishing for writing fun stories full of love, danger, humor, and adventure.


Geor424676_105967899562358_2069150681_nge Wells

He writes short stories like no one else. Every story he tells pulls out all the emotions. George is a very talented writer.

Published by Spark, a Creative Anthology: Vol I -Last Rites, Vol II – Patron Saint of the Lowlands, Vol IV –  Whose Music is the Gladness of the World.



Mika Hillery

She wrote a heartrending true story about love and grief. The Story of a Mother will touch your heart and change your life. Click on the title. Once on Amazon, look inside the book and scroll down to the contents to read an excerpt of the short story in Spark: A Creative Anthology III.

C.C. Koen

She can write a steamy romance. Her stories are intense and emotional.

Matthew Demers

He wrote a great story with Dead Earth. I critiqued this under my alter ego, Aerial White. You like zombies? End of the world apocalypse? This story fits the bill.


Alexandra Ainsworth

She writes historical romance with the attention to detail that draws you into the character’s world. Her Regency M/M romance called, The Duke in Denial is wonderfully written, and she weaves the history of the era into the story, capturing your imagination. Published through Sanguinity Press.

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