Author Interview Laurel A Rockefeller

I am over the top happy to announce that I am interviewing THE award winning Laurel A Rockefeller. I have so many fascinating things to share with you. Grab a beverage and a snack, this interview is full of great stuff.

His Red Eminence by Laurel won the Godiva Book Award for 2019, and more than one book has been picked for Book Of The Month at The Naked Reviewers.

I absolutely love her Women of History Series, and reviewing books over at The Naked Reviewers gives me the opportunity to read Laurel’s books for free when she submits them for reviews. She hasn’t let me down yet. Narrative Historical Fiction is her thing, and her books are great material as study aids for homeschooling or just for fun. Laurel has a wonderful talent for making Social Studies fun to learn.

At the end of the interview, I will share links to the reviews I’ve done on Laurel A Rockefeller’s work over on The Naked Reviewers. Then I will share links to her catalog and following up with links to her activity and textbooks.

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Freedom’s Knife (Justiciar’s Redemption Book 1) by Daphne Moore

Her most recent assignment seems routine. If she succeeds, she could lose the only thing she loves…
CE 2644. Alys Xoticos-Quinn is lucky to be alive. Sentenced to death for a justifiable crime, she’s instead magically compelled to solve problems for the despotic Union. But when her latest mission uncovers government corruption and possessed residents, the political fallout could claim her son… and her life.

Barely surviving a vicious attack from the Wendigo, a legendary spirit of eternal hunger, Alys teams up with a mysterious mage partner. But as the two search for clues to the terrifying possessions, Alys’s enemies are determined to make certain this is her last job. And if she can’t get to the truth in time, the next Wendigo assault may be fatal. Can Alys protect her son and smash a sinister conspiracy before she loses everything?

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Book Review – Smoke And Roses: A Steampunk Language of Flowers by Olivia Wylie

Rosemary is for remembrance. You give yellow roses to a friend and lilies to the bereaved. Ever wondered why?

In this illustrated volume you will discover the history of the symbolic code daring Victorian ladies and gents used to pass messages in bouquets: the roots of the practice in Turkey, its rise in Europe and its fascinating cultural connotations on both sides of the Atlantic. You’ll learn how a mispronounced word gave the tulip its name and why the colors of the rose have so many meanings. Included are recipes for bouquets useful in your own life, including the Bugger Off Bouquet, to be given to those you would rather not see again. Let this book lead you up the historical garden path.


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Author Interview: Captain Lee Rosbach

1a2cYes, you heard that right. The Captain Lee from the hit TV show Below Deck is in the house! I took a chance an tweeted him a message, asking him to do an author interview, and he said YES! I am so honored to be doing this, I just can’t sit still. I love the show, and I hold Captain Lee in very high regard. I love his ethics, his way with people, and his Leeisisms. I found him to be extremely nice and accommodating.

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Book Review: Painted Girl: The Spirit Key

Falling in love with RedHorse is easy. Keeping the ghost away from him? Not so much.

Sara’s intended is rejected by the Old One, but their love blooms even as the nefarious spirit works to tear them apart. Sara has a mind of her own, and she’ll do anything to keep the ghosts at bay.

The veil between the living and dead is thinning. War looms on the horizon in the spirit realm as two leaders compete for control. Ghosts warn of the consequences of not having a Spirit Key, one who embraces the dead and has the power to keep the peace between the two realms.

Failure to find the key will bring the dead into this world and it just might mean the death of her love.

But a shiver in Grandfather’s spine doesn’t bode well. The Old One has something else in mind. Something he won’t like.

Magical realism with a sweet tale of romance and family trials. A Native Woman’s journey to find her purpose, and love, while avoiding the spirits who taint her world.

A new world full of old spirits, love, suspense, and culture.

A Native American Woman’s journey as she discovers the will of her ancestors with supernatural influences. A world of spirits, a growing love, and nefarious forces collide in this paranormal Native American fiction.

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Author Interview: RA Winter


I met RA a few years ago, and she has become a very good friend. We are partners over at The Naked Reviewers. I love her writing! She tells honest stories about real life and her Spirit Key series is full of Native American culture with a look into the life of the Kiowa.

She is fun, she is always busy remodeling and traveling, and she is a prolific writer. I don’t know where she finds the time to do it all. Be sure to check out my review of Painted Girl.

I’m sure glad she had some time to stop by here for an interview. Please allow me to introduce, RA Winter.

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Author Interview: David Neilson


I know David from a writing and critiquing site we are both members of. He always has good writing advice, and his dry sense of humor always makes me smile. Learning and improving to speak different languages is important to him. I hear that in his younger days, he loved to read Scifi and fantasy. Now he’s turned his attention to women’s fiction, and he does a splendid job with the genre.

He claims to be laughed at for saying that his idea of a good Saturday night is staying in and reading the Vulgate. At the moment he’s getting a kick out of reading Harry Potter in Turkish. Personally, I think it’s cool.

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Author Interview: Heather Hayden


I met Heather on a writing site, and I fell in love with her writing right away. She always has good advice and she is very nice. She writes wonderful fantasy stories, and if you have young people in your life, you should pick them up one of her books. You won’t be disappointed. She and I had a lot of fun together doing book reviews for The Naked Reviewers, and I enjoy her take on the books I read.


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Book Review: Along Came December by Jay Allisan

She watched him die. She won’t watch his killer live. Eighteen months ago, homicide detective Shirley Mordecai witnessed a bomb tear her husband apart, and her life is still in fragments. Panic attacks threaten her career. Bitterness alienates her friends. And her husband’s killer is about to stand trial, pleading not guilty by reason of insanity.


Mordecai’s poised to snap. But vengeance comes at a cost, and Mordecai still has a lot to lose. A series of murders has gripped the city, and Mordecai’s roommate and best friend is a lot closer to the investigation than she’d like. As the trial begins and Mordecai’s grief comes to a head, her obsession with revenge costs her everything she has left—including her best friend’s trust,

Alone, broken, and out of hope, it’s all Mordecai can do not to let the memory of the life she lost pull her under for good. But a knock on the door reminds her there’s another killer out there, and that her best friend’s still in the line of fire. …(condensed)

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Author Interview – William L. Spencer

Author interview time!


This month, I’d like to introduce you to a short story author, William Spencer. William and I are members of a writing site, and he always has good advice to share. He lives in San Diego, is married with two children and two grandchildren. For ten years he ran his own communications consulting business, and before that he was the national creative director for KPMG’s employee benefit consulting practice. And, he loves classical music.

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