American Historical Research Links

American History

Click picture for a link with labels
Click picture for a link with labels

Before Columbus and Beyond                        USA Time Line With Maps
The Search For a Different Life                     American History
The Mayflower                                                   Pilgrims
Sail on the Mayflower                                      Colonial History
The Trip                                                              Daily Life, 1600’s America
Sailing Time Line With Maps                        First Guns in America
Colonial Food

Growing Pains

French and Indian War                               Revolutionary War
The French and Indian War                     The War for Independence                                           Military                                                          Winning Independence
Time Line                                                    Declaration of Independence Document
Resource Guide                                                         Weapons
1700’s Daily Life

War of 1812                                                 Mexican American War
History                                                           Texas Independence
Major Battles                                                 The Conflict

Civil War
The American Civil War
101 Interesting Tidbits                                   Time Line
Civilian Life                                                      Battles and Maps

Go West Young Man

Westward Bound

Westward Expansion                                       The Overland Trail
The Oregon Trail                                               Oreg0n Trail Tribulations
Map and Stops                                                   The Trek West
Everything Old West                                        Women in the Wild West
The Pioneers                                                      Gunfighters
Deadliest Gunslingers

Travel                                                              The Railroad’s a Comin’
Covered Wagon                                                Early American Railroads
Stagecoach                                                        The Railroad
Steamboats                                                       Traveling an Emigrant Train

There’s Gold in Them There Hills
The Gold Rush                                                       Time Line
Getting Rich Quick Has a Price                          Mountain Men and the Fur Trade

The Pony Express                                                  The Telephone
Life of a Rider                                                         The Telegraph
Rider’s Map

Native Americans

Click on image for a map
Click on image for a map

This and That
More Interesting Information

American Slavery
Overall information                                                                 Origins
Time Line                                                           Slavery and the Making of America

The States
Interactive Map of America
The United States Flag
American States and their history

Law and Order

law men, law enforcement

History of law enforcement                                     The Police
Law Enforcement Time Line                                    Gun Control Time line
Prohibition                                                                   Gambling History in America
History of Gaming Laws



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