Freedom’s Knife (Justiciar’s Redemption Book 1) by Daphne Moore

Her most recent assignment seems routine. If she succeeds, she could lose the only thing she loves…
CE 2644. Alys Xoticos-Quinn is lucky to be alive. Sentenced to death for a justifiable crime, she’s instead magically compelled to solve problems for the despotic Union. But when her latest mission uncovers government corruption and possessed residents, the political fallout could claim her son… and her life.

Barely surviving a vicious attack from the Wendigo, a legendary spirit of eternal hunger, Alys teams up with a mysterious mage partner. But as the two search for clues to the terrifying possessions, Alys’s enemies are determined to make certain this is her last job. And if she can’t get to the truth in time, the next Wendigo assault may be fatal. Can Alys protect her son and smash a sinister conspiracy before she loses everything?

A little about Daphne first:

Daphne Moore has been a storyteller from her preliterate days. She writes them down now for those out of earshot.

She lives in Ohio, in a small suburb, raising roses and children. She’s an aunt to a bunch of humans and two cute dogs.

She writes what she loves- speculative fiction in all forms, with a seasoning of romance.

Review: 4.5-Stars

The cover is a little too busy for me, but it does show the story-line well. I like the colors, it’s just all the lightning flashes that make it busy. The writing is solid and full of actiony words and phrases.

Overall, I enjoyed Freedom’s Knife. The characters are strong, the world-building is good (but I would have liked more). The plot works, and Daphne is good with description. I felt like I was in the story.

I especially enjoyed the subtle humor throughout the story. The main character Alys is amazing. She is a no-nonsense woman who goes from convicted criminal to the heroine. Her newest assignment sets her on a path that could cost her the most precious thing in her life. Her son.

Love, love the Native American mythology influence. The magic is good and the technology feels real. This was a fast read for me as I couldn’t put it down once I started reading Freedom’s Knife by Daphne Moore.

I recommend Freedom’s Knife to anyone who likes science fiction, dystopian, magic, fantasy, and good writing.

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