Book Review: Promethea Invicta by Monalisa Foster

No longer part of the United States, in 2071 the Sovereign Republic of Texas remains bound by the Outer Space Treaty it inherited.


Theia Rhodos stands ready to free humanity from the shackles that keep lunar resources out of her reach. Done taking “no” for an answer, she acts boldly, ready to sacrifice everything.

Only the gods of scarcity, woe and lament stand in her way.

Everything in life has a cost. And a price.


A little about Monalisa first:


Monalisa Foster’s primary genre is science fiction with a bit (or a lot) of romance thrown in. Her current work-in-progress is a multi-volume romantic space opera featuring “space samurai.” Enemy Beloved, the first short story in this universe, was published in Planetary Anthologies: Venus. She tweets about her sci-fi and space opera via @HouseDobromil. You can also find her on Facebook as “Monalisa Foster, Storyteller” where she posts timely publication updates.

My Review: 5-Stars

This book gets 5-stars from me!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Promethea Invicta by Monalisa Foster. I love the cover. It screams science fiction with vivid colors and eye-catching imagery to grab my attention for a closer look.

Monalisa has done a great job with the world-building. Her prose are beautifully written, sprinkling in all the futuristic, high-tech stuff just right with vivid descriptions. I feel the characters are engaging and well-rounded, making me forget they are not real people bringing me into their world. And I liked the ride.

Promethea Invicta is two books in one. You get a great look into the character’s world in their “present time”, and you get a good look into what life was like 15-years previous for the main character, Thia. I feel this book could easily be a two or three book series. I would love for things to be fleshed out more and expanded.

This book is a fast read that grabs you and won’t let go until you read the last word, wishing for so much more.

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