Book Review: Painted Girl: The Spirit Key

Falling in love with RedHorse is easy. Keeping the ghost away from him? Not so much.

Sara’s intended is rejected by the Old One, but their love blooms even as the nefarious spirit works to tear them apart. Sara has a mind of her own, and she’ll do anything to keep the ghosts at bay.

The veil between the living and dead is thinning. War looms on the horizon in the spirit realm as two leaders compete for control. Ghosts warn of the consequences of not having a Spirit Key, one who embraces the dead and has the power to keep the peace between the two realms.

Failure to find the key will bring the dead into this world and it just might mean the death of her love.

But a shiver in Grandfather’s spine doesn’t bode well. The Old One has something else in mind. Something he won’t like.

Magical realism with a sweet tale of romance and family trials. A Native Woman’s journey to find her purpose, and love, while avoiding the spirits who taint her world.

A new world full of old spirits, love, suspense, and culture.

A Native American Woman’s journey as she discovers the will of her ancestors with supernatural influences. A world of spirits, a growing love, and nefarious forces collide in this paranormal Native American fiction.

My Review: 4.7-Stars

I loved Painted Girl. This is a wonderfully written story of a young woman coming of age and finding her way in the world. There is a love story, but this is not a typical romance. RA has done a beautiful job of bringing me Native American culture, beliefs, history, and spirits in a contemporary world.

The story starts with a tragedy that sucks you in so you have to find out what happens to the small child, Sara and from there we are allowed a look into her life as a Kiowa. She falls in love with RedHorse, who her Grandfather and the spirits don’t agree with, and RA weaves the spirit world into the story splendidly.

There were a couple of slow spots for me, and I always want more of the 5 senses to connect me to the characters, but overall this is an entertaning read.

Full of good description, Painted Girl takes us on Sara’s journey to find herself while living and believing her culture. If you want to read a good Native American story and learn more about the Kiowa, this book will take you there.

There is a cliffhanger, sort of. I thought it was well done and has left me wanting book 2, RedHorse (The Spirit Key Book 2).

Painted Girl is rich and full and strongly written. This book is a hit.

Be sure to stop by and check out the author interview I did with RA Winter.

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