Author Interview: RA Winter


I met RA a few years ago, and she has become a very good friend. We are partners over at The Naked Reviewers. I love her writing! She tells honest stories about real life and her Spirit Key series is full of Native American culture with a look into the life of the Kiowa.

She is fun, she is always busy remodeling and traveling, and she is a prolific writer. I don’t know where she finds the time to do it all. Be sure to check out my review of Painted Girl.

I’m sure glad she had some time to stop by here for an interview. Please allow me to introduce, RA Winter.

Let’s get right to the questions. What are you currently working on and what is it about?

RA: The Queens of the Underworld Trilogy. The first book is finished, the second one is half-way. Demise is a Death Taker, but she harvests Aiden’s soul too soon. The whole realm of the dead comes alive with her mistake and will do anything to have the power that Aiden’s soul releases. Her duty is to Thanatos and Hades, and she must deliver the soul to the underworld. Only now, for the first time since her death, she can feel. Can prevent a war and keep the man to herself?

In the second book, Death has to stop the war in Tartarus for Aiden’s soul, but she finds herself on a deserted island with Ares, the God of War. For the first time, she has emotions and wonders how she can return to her dead life. Someone is twisting time, and now, war has overtaken Tartarus.

In the third book, Bane’s Truth, the keres Bane wants her own soul, so she steals one. Her truth is her armor, but can one man break through her defenses? The war is at a pinnacle point. Whose side will she choose? Hades or the other?

Those sound very interesting. I can’t wait until you publish them. Next, I want to ask a 3 part question: What was the hardest thing about writing your latest Fantasy/Urban Fic/Mythology book? Is there anything you find particularly challenging in writing as far as content? How much research do you do?

RA: When I was young, my father told me the stories of the Iliad, the Odyssey and Dante’s Inferno, among other works. I fell in love with Mythology and have been gobbling it up since then. In high school and college, I took courses in Greek and Roman mythology, but writing it isn’t as easy as I thought. Keeping the relationships, ideas and the Greek feel of a trilogy has taxed my memory. Now, I have a huge story bible filled with quotes and characters for my Queens of the Underworld manuscript.

How interesting! Does your book use any references to mythology or real-world folklore, or does it contain its own folklore?

RA: I use Greek mythology mostly but I do have references to Japanese, English and other folklore. If the situation arises and I know a really neat story, I’ll write that into a scene.

Where do your ideas come from?

RA: Insomnia. Seriously. Although with the Queens of the Underworld, the story is what kept me awake. I have stopped writing when I can’t sleep because I get too silly and have to cut half of what I write.

Have you written works in collaboration with other writers, and if so: why did you decide to collaborate?

RA: I wrote two shorts in the Bowman’s Inn Anthology. The writers in the series are fabulous and I really wanted to learn from them. I studied their stories and gave it my best shot. I’m also going to be in a new anthology coming out next month, based on fairy tale retellings.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years regarding published works?

RA: This is going to be my publishing push year. I published two already, I have a third one almost ready to go, a freaky-friday wolf/vamp piece, an anthology and the trilogy the Queens of the Underworld. Next year, I hope to finish the six pieces that I have half to two-thirds published. For a long time, I kept my pieces idle on my computer. No one is enjoying that, especially me.

I don’t know how you get it all done. You go with your bad self. What do you think of “trailers” for books, and will you create one for your work?

RA: I have two trailers published for my works in the Spirit Key Series. I have another trailer that I am working on for the Queens of the Underworld. Do they work? I don’t know yet, but they are fun to put together and people like them.

Take a moment to watch the Spirit Key book trailers. These are two of the best I’ve watched in a very long time.

Painted Girl


I’m starting to fall for the idea of book trailers. Tossing around the idea myself. Let me ask you, do you read your reviews?

RA: Yes, always. The only way to improve is to get feedback from readers. I use crit circles, but I have noticed that after a time I get used to the writing and need to take a step back for a while.

Now for a couple of personal questions. Do you remember the first story you ever wrote? What was it about?

RA: It was a haiku in the fourth grade. My teacher entered it into a student publishing contest and mine was chosen. I don’t remember the name of the piece, but I drew a pretty princess to go with it.

What is your favorite way to avoid writing?

RA: Playing with Photoshop. I just discovered it, and I’m addicted. It’s so much fun and aggravating at the same time!

This was awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by and giving us a peek into your life. I had a blast!

Author Bio:


RA Winter, began her writing career under her married name, writing genealogy books. However, her love for reading romance novels intruded in on her daily activities. She started writing and fell in love with her characters and is writing many more books in the Romantic Western series, “The Spirit Key”. Each one of Grandfather’s grandchildren will have their story told, as will Grandfather himself.

RA spent many years traveling the world and has lived in many different countries. Turkey, Egypt, Germany, and Jordan, have all been called “home” at one time or another. Now you can find her quietly living in Pittsburgh, Pa, with her husband, writing her next novel.

Be sure to keep up with what RA is up to and all of her new releases by friending her on Facebook, following her on Instagram, Twitter, and Stumbleupon. Don’t forget to follow her blog for book reviews and her writing.

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