Facebook Takeover with Ophelia Bell


I’m so excited about this! I’ve wanted to be in one of Ophelia Bell’s Valentine’s Day takeovers for a very long time, and I’m in! If you’ve never been to a Facebook Takeover Event, you’re missing out on a ton of fun and some great prizes. Plus, you discover new authors, find great books to read and have fun interacting with everyone.

Join Us Here!

When Where and How

This event will take place all day on Valentine’s Day, in the Valentine Discovery event on Facebook, and all you do is play the games, answer a few fun questions, and have a blast.  Head on over to the link and click “going”. When the event starts, you will be automatically notified so you don’t miss out.

Prizes! There Will Be Prizes!

$10 gift card    voyeur_in_the_mist_sherry_terry lg

I’m giving away a copy of Voyeur in the Mist and a $10 Amazon gift card. All the authors are giving away books, swag, gift cards, and other amazing stuff. The event coordinator, Opehlia Bell is giving away a Kindle Fire.

Yes, you read that right. A brand-spanking new Kindle Fire will be given away. And all you have to do is come to the event and participate in the fun for a chance to win.

Click on the images for links!

Time Zones

All times I show here are Central Standard Time (CST). Here is a link to a great world time zone map so you can see what time for everything in any time zone. I’m in the Chicago time zone.

In the USA? Here is a US time zone map.

Great Line-Up of Authors

Since it’s Valentine’s day, the author line-up will be all romance and erotica and include sub-genres you’ve never even thought of. I’m going to share the authors, the times, and their social media so you can check everyone out and attend the ones you’re interested in or come for the whole day. I promise once you get there and start participating, you won’t leave. The day flies by, these are such a blast.

11:00am(CST) Nora Ash

NA - 3

12:00 (noon,CST) Godiva Glenn






1:00pm (CST) Pamela DuMond


2:00pm (CST) Claire Davon






3:00pm (CST) Zenobia Neil






4:00pm (CST) Adrianne Kane

5:00pm CST) Kathy O’Rourke






6:00pm (CST) Carolyn Anthony






7:00pm (CST) Pascale Kavanagh






8:00pm (CST) Saharra Sandhu








9:00pm (CST) Sherry Terry  This is me!






9:30pm (CST) RA Winter






10:00pm (CST) Ophelia Bell

FB VDay Intro Image-Ophelia

Hope to see you there!

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