Book Review: Rebecca Steel Chasing a Dream by Joanna Patterson

51Ux42+mIML._SY346_On vacation from her job as an airline ticket agent, Becky and her friend happen upon a big air show in Miami. What transpires that day will change her life in ways she could not have imagined. While falling hopelessly in love, an ironic twist of fate brings her the relationship that she has been searching for. In the process she learns to overcome the heart-wrenching obstacles in her path, create a new career and develop new insights. She emerges stronger and more vibrant than ever. Find out how Becky transforms her heartbreak into a new life that is positive and uplifting.

Becky’s story will give you hope for new life and new love. Journey with her now, as she inspires you to hold fast to your dreams and to always keep your heart open to the power of love.
Sometimes no matter how hard we search for it, love in the end, finds us.

My Review: 4-Stars

Rebecca Steele Chasing a Dream is a light, fun little read. The cover didn’t scream romance to me, but it does show what the story is. Joanne Patterson did a good job of capturing what it’s like to date a “famous” pilot. I spent four years in the Navy, hosting the Blue Angles every year. She did a great job showing the lifestyle of the Silver Eagles and flight attendants for civilian airlines.

While I enjoyed the story, it didn’t really dig deep into the characters or the setting enough for me. The author showed mostly the surface of the characters, and I didn’t feel connected with anyone in particular until towards the end. The last three chapters are fantastic at showing the main character, Becky’s emotions. We traveled to several major cities, but I never felt like I left a random bar or hotel room. I would have liked more descriptions of the places she visits while following her Silver Eagle, Johnny around.

The ending is a nice surprising twist. This isn’t your average romance. It feels like a true story.

I recommend Rebecca Steele Chasing a Dream to anyone who enjoys a light romance without sex scenes. I mostly read erotica, and I found this book to be refreshing. The author knows how to tell a sexy story without the sex.

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