Book Review: Of Flesh and Fire by Tuesday Cross

51UkyrNb2xL._SY346_Vampires, werewolves, and dragons… oh my!

Nyminia awakes from the ashes of a deadly fire to find herself not only cursed with fearsome power, but with heavy purpose. Her life is the silver thread which keeps the world together, her death– the cord that could unravel everything.

Discovered by Mildred Midwood, an elemental mage, Nyminia is taken to Rowling-Burroughs University– a place where werewolves, vampires, and magic-kinds alike study and grow their powers.

Nyminia’s adventure quickly gets out of hand when she realizes her true role to play in the fate of this paranormal world– she is the True Sacrifice. Hunted by fanatics, she must stay alive or risk plunging the earth into darkness.

Join Nyminia on a modern day adventure as she navigates love, friendship, family, and the mystery surrounding her past as she strives to save the world.

My Review: 4.7-Stars

The cover for Of Flesh and Fire has a little much going on for me, but I do like it. Lots of vibrant colors, and you know what kind of story you’re going to get with a glance. Tuesday Cross has incoorperated lots of good humor into the story, and it’s a fun, campy read.

Even though there are dragons and werewolves and vampires, Tuesday has made this story very fun to read. I think the writing could be a little stronger, but this did not take away from my overall enjoyment of the story.

I don’t like to give things away, so I will say that I loved the characters, and I think Tuesday did a fantastic job creating all of them. Even in the face of a life changing situation, the main character does things with style and humor.

This is a great read for adults and young adults and would make a good addition to everyone’s reading list. I recommend this book to anyone who loves paranormal and fantasy stories.

For more reviews, head over to The Naked Reviewers. Want to read the first chapter free? RA Winter has that and a great discussion going on about the book.


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