Book Review: Pigeon


Luc Martin, a lowly busboy in Paris, finds himself tasked with locating the Sir Larabee Waterford Cup—which vanished over 20 years ago from a social club for the ultra-elite. Now, one of the original thieves has just surfaced after having been presumed dead for years. The busboy and his unlikely partner—a reluctant and wealthy club member named Alaina Amandine—must navigate a world of gargantuan egos, exotic pets, and a sport so exclusive that no one outside the club has ever heard of it.


My Review: 4-Stars

Pigeon is a funny little story. I love the cover, and I think it matches the story perfectly. While I didn’t laugh out loud, I did smile at quite a few of the antics.

The main character Luc is minding his own business, working at his parents restaurant when a strange man thinks he is the best detective  of all time and convinces Luc to solve a 22 year old crime. The crime of stealing a trophy. With the offer of a huge amount of money, Luc takes the case.

Lots of comedy and twists and turns.

I thought the dialog was a bit repetitive, but the story has lots of good one liners.

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