Book Review: Devondale


It was always there.

Thirty years ago, Carter Springer left behind Devondale, a sleepy neighborhood in Lexington, Kentucky, for a big-city life in Atlanta. But he didn’t just leave behind his family—he also left behind his friends, a group the adults of the neighborhood once referred to as the Devondale Five. They were legends back then. They ran the neighborhood. They were inseparable.

Until Carter abandoned them.

It never left.

He’s long set aside the memories he and his friends made on those winding streets. But when Richie, another member of the Five, dies under mysterious circumstances, Carter knows he must return to Devondale and pay his respects.

It’s been waiting.

Richie’s death raises more than just questions for the old gang. It also raises a lot of ghosts, turning the sleepy neighborhood from Carter’s memories into a nightmare. One he might never escape from.

And now that he’s back… it’s hungry.

My Review: 5-stars

I really loved Devondale. It was the perfect book for Halloween. Just the right amount of scary to keep the horror lover reading. The cover promised frightening and it delivered. The writing is tight and very well done.

Little does Carter know that when he goes home for a friend’s funeral, his life will be changed forever. He reunites with an old flame and gets into lots of twists and turns. I love the way Mark put everything together, and when the dead guy keeps following Carter around, the visual is great. The afterlife in this story is scarier than you’d ever want to imagine.

I highly recommend Devondale to anyone who likes to read horror. This one will scare you, that’s fo sho!

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