Book Review: Shear Luck


SLcover (1)It’s sheer luck when the Queen of Coiffure books the wrong flight and meets Mr. Mane Attraction.

Kandi is all set to open the hottest hair salon in West Hollywood. The only thing she needs is a teensy bit of cash to cover the rent. Should be no harder than trimming up split ends with all the investors headed to the First Annual Hairstravaganza in Juno Beach, Florida.

One minor hitch: she booked a flight to Juneau, Alaska.

All return flights are booked for the next few days, but Kandi is confident everything will work out. In the meantime, fate has placed a gorgeous man with the most amazing head of hair in her path, perfect for promo photos.

Mario can’t wait to leave weird, smoggy LA behind and return to his true calling: building a community center for his tribe of Tlingit Indians. The last thing he wants is a gal with a turkey on her head. But he can’t leave her stranded on the curb.

While Mario fights to stop his uncle from putting a strip mall on the sacred land and Kandi texts her thumbs down to nubs trying to keep rivals from renting her salon out from under her, their growing attraction proves a distraction neither wants.

Then again, maybe each has exactly what the other needs.

My Review: 5-Stars

Shear Luck is a light romantic comedy. I like the cover, and I feel it fits the story well. This book had me laughing from the first page to the last page. I loved both main characters, Kandi and Mario. Both have a witty sarcastic humor that kept me turning the pages.

The writing is extremely well done, the characters are very well rounded and feel like they could be real people, and the setting is perfectly described.

Two wildly opposite characters are thrown together when Kandi catches the wrong flight and instead of going to Florida, she ends up in Alaska with Mario and his family. The romance is sweet and well done between the two as they learn about themselves and each other.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who like to learn about new cultures, is interested in hair, and loves a good laugh mixed in with their romance.

Stop over at RA Winter’s blog, read the first chapter for free, and feel free to leave a comment. For more reviews on Shear Luck, head on over to The Naked Reviewers.

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