Book Review: The Rise of Kali: A Hunter Recovery Novel

0It’s been five years since Kali Hunter lost her father in a plane crash and she still caries the scars from her loss. Now, she runs the business he started, Hunter Recovery, where she uses her wits and her skills to return stolen goods to the rightful owners.

An unexpected phone call from an old family friend gives her hope. After a lifetime of searching, he has finally discovered the location of the Evolution Stone, and he needs her help to reach it.

Legend says that it has the power to grant one wish by changing the past. Now, Kali is determined to harness the power of the Stone to change history and bring her father back.

Kali will need every skill she has to survive the dangers that lie ahead of her.

But, changing the past can have unpredictable results. Will she be able to deal with the consequences of her actions if she succeeds?

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

My Review: 4 Stars

As an editor, I found some issues with the writing, but as a reader they didn’t take away from the great plot. I instantly fell for Kali, and she felt like a real person. The cover promises some paranormal elements, and I think it delivers and fits the story well. Although this story could do with a good critique, it was enjoyable with lots of good action and packed full of suspense.

Once of the trail of the Evolution Stone, the near death, run for their lives, intrigue around every corner keeps you on the edge of your seat and turning the page. The setting of an archeological site was done well, and I did feel like I could see the sights and smell the smells.

I recommend this book for anyone who loves action, adventure, and thrilling intrigue around every corner.

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