Book Review: The Bonding: Book 1 in the Tribe Warrior Series


He must choose – her life – or his freedom.

Tam is brutal. Hard. Uncompromising. Resigned to a lifetime alone. Until he finds a woman frozen in space, suffering from a deadly disease. There’s only one way to save her – to Bond her to him for life with his mind, his body, and his serum.

She must choose – her people – or his love.

When her planet is invaded by alien slavers, Nissa launches into space in a cryo-pod in a desperate search for help. Tam may be her savior, but their future is not meant to be.

In a universe at war, Nissa and Tam battle their dangerous addiction and their own stubborn hearts. Their strange part-chemical, part-mystical Bonding brought them together – and just might be what tears them apart.

My Review: 5-stars

I loved The Bonding from the first word all the way to the last word. It’s got a lot of great Scifi techy stuff that made me feel like I was in space with the characters. The cover promised a love story, and it delivered.

I don’t usually read Scifi because it’s not written the way I like. The Bonding may have just changed my mind. I enjoyed the way Imogen Keep introduced the Scifi aspects with just enough but not too much.

The characters were well rounded and described with enough detail to give me a good idea of what they look like. Tam is a big, strong space warrior and when he finds Nissa the choice is not so simple for him. Rescue her and save her life by having sex with her, or let her die.

I thought the way Imogen worked the sex into the story was wonderful. Nice and hot.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes erotica, romance, and Scifi.

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