Author Showcase – Book Reviews And First Chapter

Set the date! I’m going to start doing book reviews every Wednesday of the month. 

I will read a book and give an honest review. An HONEST review without spoilers, surprise twists, or the ending. I hate when reviewers do that. Who wants to buy a book they already know everything that happens? Not me.

Along with the review, I will share the author’s social media links and a purchase link to the book. The first chapter will be posted as well for discussion. I plan to have different genres to represent the good, the bad, and the ugly of the writing world.

I will start this week with a poet, Jim Lewis. So, stay tuned and discover some great new reads and authors.

The lineup will be:

August 16th, Jim Lewis

August 23rd, Jim Tacon

August 30th, Scott Bell

In September RA Winter will be joining the fun by reviewing the same books I do and also posting the first chapter for discussion. She will do hers on the Monday before I post my reviews and chapter discussions.

A tentative schedule for September…

September 6th, Ophelia Bell

September 13th, Steve Day

September 20th, Imogen Keeper

September 27th, Godiva Glenn

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