The All Romance All Day Facebook Takeover Event Results

Over the weekend I hosted an author takeover event on Facebook. Ten authors of various sub-genres in the romance and erotica genre were there, marketing their books. We had contemporary, LGBT, historical, time travel, shapeshifters, magic, urban fantasy, BDSM and more.

I used these graphics:


All day Friday was the Bowman’s Inn Anthology Series with Roxanna Haley, Elizabeth Giambrone, DL Hungerford, and RA Winter

Saturday brought Barbara Elsborg, Misty Carlisle, and D. de Carvalho.

Sunday closed out the event with Kathryn L James, KC Freeman, and Cerise Dalton.

I will always be honest and post the good with the bad. Real life isn’t fair, and sometimes things don’t go as planned. Such as the All Romance All Day event.

Over the course of the weekend, many people contacted me via cell phone and other means that their internet was acting hinky, Facebook had them locked out, wouldn’t let them post, or tagged their posts as spam. It was a nightmare for me just to post and keep the event going.

Storms and unexpected calls to work kept two authors from attending, and their takeover went well with lots of participation. Two authors screamed in at the last second with computer issues. It was a hard weekend for all involved.

As a result, the numbers were low.

However, the ones who did make it had a great time and won some fantastic prizes. Every author gave away free copies of their book, Amazon Gift Cards, and some really great swag.

Next month, August 25, 26, 27th I am hosting: Everyone’s Included. A multi-genre event. If you’re published, I want YOU!

Come market your books with a fun, easy strategy.




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