Writing Prompt – May

Four Mondays in May! That means another writing prompt to end the month.

What is this man’s story? Tell us a tale of a day in the life of this man.

Please feel free to write a flash of no more than 1,000 words in the comments. I’d love to read them. Erotica writers please mark yours as adult before the story begins. Example: This is an adult erotica story.

One thought on “Writing Prompt – May

  1. Ronald L. Russman about two thousand words
    P.O. 644
    Williamsburg, NM 87942-0644
    by R L Russman

    They ran through the park looking for victims. Screech got his name from throwing things at cars. You could tell he was around because of the screeching tires. Sparks, well he just liked to set things on fire. There was never even one thought of conscience between them and tonight they were pissed off.

    “We get Hobo Man t’ night” Screech hissed. Sparks trotted off to his left and slightly behind like a wing man. They moved with silent yet astonishing speed as they navigated the soft grassy hills in the big Central Park.

    “I’m going to light him up Screech!” They both drank their last bottle of beer for the occasion. It was pain maker time, no more booze or drugs left, just pain and they couldn’t wait to share. They ran like wild animals, searching for the little man.

    Leonard was peaceful by nature, he made his home in the park, it was where he felt safe, but Screech and Sparks wouldn’t leave him alone. He had a second sight about those two, even asleep, he would alert to their presence. They caught him once and beat him. They hated the fact that he wouldn’t speak, but Leonard never had the power of speech to begin with.
    Leonard didn’t remember his life. It was if he just showed up one day in his tattered tuxedo and top hat. His earliest memories were of the park, living homeless in the city and running from those two.
    His first encounter with them was bloody. He was sure they would kill him next time; he could see it in their eyes. Leonard decided to leave the city and find a new home so he moved quickly through the shadows ahead of them and left the park. He walked south and with a glance over his shoulder, said goodbye to the city.
    He walked for hours before he saw another park, it was a small park, but he was weary. He approached cautiously and soon realized that it wasn’t a park at all. Leonard was not a strong reader but he thought the sign said: “Oak View Manor.” He stayed in the shadows after he crossed the street.

    An expanse of open lawn wound between large groups of trees and shrubbery. The sun was rising, so he slipped under the bushes next to a long building and fell asleep. He dreamed a troubled dream and he was whimpering softly, his top hat pulled down over his face to block the light.
    Inside the home, residents were awakening to the growing hustle-bustle. Mary Moore, alias Madame De Chance’, Soothsayer and Practitioner of White Magic, awoke a few minutes early this day with something nibbling at the edge of her finely tuned senses.
    Her neighbors would have been startled to discover that she actually did have magic skills. She would much rather be thought of as a circus entertainer or cheap fortune teller than a person who could actually reach the other side of the veil with her thoughts, she had banished the desire to share her incredible talent with anyone.
    She realized why she had awakened early today. Someone needed her help! She pushed her 92 year old frame out of bed and into the shower before the pain of old age caught up with her.
    She finished with her breakfast, put a biscuit in her pocket and was out the door and taking her morning stroll when she heard whimpering. She was frightened at first but took pity on the emaciated little man. Leonard finally awoke startled to find her watching him. He sat up quickly, shrunk away towards the wall of the building, shocked that his second sight had failed him.
    Mary placed finger to lips imploring Leonard to be quiet. “They don’t take kindly to Hobos around here. Just shake your head. Are you hungry?”
    He felt the joy rise in his chest and nodded, then he smiled into those warm eyes.
    Mary handed him her biscuit. “Do you need anything else?” He shook his head “No”. “Maybe some water?”
    He nodded “yes”.
    “OK, but you can’t wait here, stay behind the bushes and follow me and I’ll point to a safe spot, OK?” Leonard nodded and Mary turned down the path.
    At the end of the building, Mary crossed the lawn to some bushes. She turned slowly, looking him in the eye and then she drew his eyes down to an opening in the forsythia bushes at the edge of an overgrown garden. She looked both ways, smiled and nodded. Leonard bolted across the lawn and dived into the hole. Mary said, “I’ll be back as soon as I can find you some more food.”
    Leonard slowly stuck his head through the thick weeds and was delighted to find rows of vegetables. He returned to the forsythia bush to find a brown bag with food and water. He suppressed a giggle of relief and blessed the wonderful old woman who had saved him from suffering.
    On her way to her room, a nurse smiled, “You look happy this morning Miss Mary, did you have a nice walk in the garden?” “I was out there minding my business Miss Pinker.” Mary smiled, “Just like you, I see.”
    Mary enjoyed her privacy and the nursing staff usually kept their distance. Now she had a secret. She could tell that the little Hobo was at the end of his rope and she wasn’t about to let him sink any farther. There were so few things that she cared about anymore and it felt good to have a secret and help the little man in the bushes. She was also curious as to how he had signaled her in her sleep! He was clearly unaware of his considerable talent. It is a dangerous thing, she thought, to be alone in the world with a mind like that, wide open to the forces of the universe and not know it.
    She took another bag out to him at sunset, she could see the worn out sole of his shoe.
    “Are you OK?” She whispered. “Are you asleep?”
    Leonard understood but could only utter slurred sounds. He looked up with a hundred watt grin.
    “You can’t talk can you?” Leonard shook his head. “Can you read and write?” She whispered.
    He nodded, but then opened his palms to show they were empty.
    “I’ll get you a pencil; you can sleep here tonight but go back to the garden if you see that fat little dog, his name is Pokey OK?” He nodded, knowing that he couldn’t make the sound of the dog’s name.
    The next morning, Leonard was startled to see Mary there. Once again Leonard’s sixth sense had failed to warn him. She had a knowing smile on her face as she handed him the paper. The pad said, Hi, I’m Mary, what’s your name?
    He scribbled, “Leonard, thanks for the help.”
    She said quietly, “In the old days, many of my friends lived on the road, how long for you Leonard?” He wrote back, “I don’t remember. It’s been a long time.”
    “What are your plans? Are you able to work?” She said. “I like to work, need money, people don’t like my looks, can’t talk, I smell bad.”
    Her heart went out to him and she wondered for a moment if he might be the “one”. She had given up on the idea of a willing friendly host, but this little Hobo could sure use the help and she could feel the coldness of impending death.
    “You can stay here Leonard, I’ll bring you food every day.”
    Leonard smiled and nodded, but he knew that winter was coming. He looked into her ancient eyes and he could see something else in there, something strong and timeless, bigger than the little bent creature before him, something wonderful.
    “I’ll stop back after dinner and bring you some pie. When was the last time you had a big piece of cherry pie Leonard?” He shrugged his shoulders and opened the palms of his hands.
    The days passed like leaves falling and they grew quite fond of each other.
    Inside, a pair of shoes, gloves and a black scarf had gone missing, but no one noticed really. Pokey came in with a bow on his tail once. Life went on as normal and the rumors of a little man hiding in the woods were brushed off with the rest of the idle chatter.
    Mary’s morning walks became more difficult and they knew it wouldn’t be long before the cold would stop her. She told Leonard that she wanted him to stay.
    “I’ll just go back to the city Mary.” He wrote. “With my new shoes and stuff I’m OK. Don’t worry. Please go inside where it’s warm.”
    He had no intention of returning to the city but he didn’t want Mary to worry. It was time he moved on. He waited for her to return so he could tell her, but she didn’t that night. He waited with a growing feeling of dread. He loved Mary and his heart was aching as he fell asleep.
    “Leonard, Wake up!” He started to his senses. “Leonard, wake up and listen to me.”
    He awakened to see a blurry image of Mary before him. She looked very different.
    “Of course I’m different Leonard. I was hoping to explain this over time but now it’s too late, I’m sorry Honey, I can’t bring food out anymore, you see I’m moving on. I’ve come to you in a dream.
    You have a strong soul Leonard, very rare. I’m so sorry that I have to leave you.”
    “Don’t go!”
    “You don’t know what you are asking Leonard.”
    “I don’t care; I don’t want to lose you!”
    “There is a way Leonard. Together in the same body, no chance to be alone.” Mary’s fascinating emerald eyes grew larger.
    “Oh! And you’ll be OK with me?”
    “In your mind.”
    Leonard saw a pretty woman in Egyptian robes, young and quite beautiful, her eyes burned like emeralds.
    “I won’t be able to leave you, won’t have a place to go. Oh forget it. I would take over your life.”
    “I don’t have much of a life.”
    “This will not be an easy thing, but I promise you a great adventure. We must wait for the moment of my body’s death and I will come to you. You must catch me, do you understand Leonard? Catch me before I go by. You must touch me and invite me.”
    Early the next morning, he awoke to a siren. He heard a distant voice calling him and he ran to the ambulance. Two men rushed out pulling a gurney.
    Mary looked as white as a bed sheet and completely motionless. The men pushed him aside as he drew close to her; he pushed back to their surprise and grabbed her fragile hand. Mary’s bright green eyes snapped open, looming larger and larger! For an instant he saw her reaching for him, not the old lady but the young one who spoke in his dream. “Come with me Mary! Come in from the cold! Save yourself!” Leonard screamed in his mind, feeling her life fade away.
    Then he saw her coming, caught her with his thoughts and then it was as if she turned inside out around him and he was looking outward through those beautiful green eyes. He saw her lying there, close to death and then he was looking straight up at the early morning sky. EMT’s pushed by as they raced to the hospital with Mary’s lifeless ancient body, not knowing that she was already gone, already part of Leonard’s new existence, already on a new adventure.
    The little Hobo stood up, tears of joy in his eyes. Then he turned and walked proudly down the street, tipping his tattered top hat to the gathering spectators as if the silk on it were shiny and new.


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