Author Interview – Milli Gilbert

The first Monday of the month brings another great romance author, Milli Gilbert. Her celebrity crushes are Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch. She used to be a closeted nerd, and then someone opened the door to writing and she didn’t just walk through it, she jumped over the threshold. Her first novel, Nerdgasm is scheduled for release on Black Friday of 2017.

I am honored to introduce, Milli Gilbert.

I don’t write every day, but I’m curious. Do you aim for a certain word-count or number of pages per day?

MG: I aim for words on the page every day. Even if it’s only ten words, I’ll get them down. Pages would be nice, but the words are more important than the page count.

I admire your dedication to writing every day. I wish I could make myself do that. What books have you written?

MG: My debut short story was Perfect Ten, but I’ve also got a couple more short stories out – Shift and Hopeless Romantic. I’m also working on a full-length novel called Nerdgasm, which will be out on Black Friday in ebook and print editions.

Getting reviews is important for rising in the ranks. Let me ask you, what are your thoughts about bad reviews?

MG: There’s such a thing as a bad review? Well, I suppose if you get enough of them together on the same work, then yes, that’s not really good. If it’s a thoughtful review, then I’d say I probably still benefited more from it than not because I know there are things that need to be fixed, I can go back and fix it, and update the book. If it’s just someone who gave it one star because it was written in first person and the reader doesn’t like first person, it’s not hurting me at all.

That’s a great attitude. What part of your writing time to you devote to marketing your books?

MG: Wait – I’m supposed to do that? In all honesty, I don’t put too much time into it. I’ll talk about it on my blog every now and then, when I have a book coming out, or if I’m bumping a free promotion or something, but I don’t go all out on marketing either. A tweet every few weeks or so, when I remember to do it, an occasional mention on Facebook. That’s about it. So maybe five minutes a month, unless I’ve got a blog post, and then it’s probably more like twenty while I try to get my blurb right.

For your own reading, do you prefer e-books or the physical copy?

MG: It depends. If it’s daylight hours, then the physical book. But if I’m reading in the dark or in the car, I’ll read on my tablet.

That was short and sweet. Thank you so much for stopping by! I loved learning more about you.


Milli Gilbert is a stay-at-home mom who loves to play with words almost as much as she loves to play with her kids. All of her stories involve romance, and maybe a little bit of mystery. Milli loves to write about cowboys and shifters. And smut. Don’t forget the smut. And can usually be found trying to find interesting ways to combine them.

She has several short stories published and will have her first full-length novel, Nerdgasm out on Black Friday of 2017. She just took off after one of her couples to follow them around for a few months – but don’t worry, she’ll be back. Or, you can find her on her blog, and follow her on Twitter. Her books are available on Amazon.

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