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Time for my Monday interview with a romance author. RA Winter is among my top favs. She loves to read and considers all books her favorites. She listens to classic rock, and her obsession with SciFi movies is legendary among her friends and family. Her joy of studying genealogy and has produced three reference books on Mason County, Kentucky. With Native American family, her passion is to write stories surrounded by the culture, the history, and the tradition in contemporary times.

I give you, RA Winter

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! Let’s get right to the interview. Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages per day?

RA: No. I probably should though. I write some days and spend my other days reading. I used to read a book a day, now it is only one a month.

What part of your writing time do you devote to marketing your book?

RA: Not much. It’s on my list of ‘to do’ things. I do contact reviewers when I’m launching a new book but they are so backlogged that reviews can take months. Otherwise, I use, and for most of my marketing.

What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?

RA: I love to read reviews whether good or bad but I want some ‘meat’ to them. Great, Eh, and OK, don’t help me grow as a writer. Plus, you can’t please everyone. Bad reviews, although they break my heart can also help sales if they are worded correctly. I recently had one that complained about the raunchy humor but said that it was a well-written book. My blurb clearly warns about the raunchiness and I do mention a blow-up doll. The reviewers aren’t my readers, but there were some who came to have a look. One of my books is sensual, one virginal and one full out ‘sex fun’. Although it is a series, each girl is different and needed her own story.

What have you written?

RA: I have three genealogy books published under my married name another hobby of mine.

I have three fiction works published. They revolve around a central family. It’s unique because it covers contemporary problems while weaving in Native American heritage and issues.

Little Sparrow, A Kiowa in Love. Painted Girl, A Kiowa in love and RedDress Two Wives, a Kiowa in love.

Right now, Painted Girl is down for a complete rewrite. I know, writers shouldn’t do that but I do like where it is going.

I have one story being published in the Bowman’s Inn Spring/Summer collection and another story being published in an anthology.

Those sound very interesting! I love the Bowman’s Inn. For your own reading, do you prefer ebooks or traditional paper/hardback books?

RA: Either honestly. I use more ebooks these days, but I do have a full library of formal books at my house. I could open a bookstore, honestly.

I’d love to check out your library. They are so fun, getting lost is all those stories. Thanks so much, I had a blast!


RA Winter began her writing career under her married name, writing genealogy books. However, her love for reading romance novels intruded in on her daily activities. She started writing “Little Sparrow” and fell in love with her characters and is writing many more books in the Romantic Western series, ” A Kiowa in Love”. Each one of Grandfather’s grandchildren will have their story told, as will Grandfather himself.

RA spent many years traveling the world and has lived in many different countries. Turkey, Egypt, Germany, and Jordan, have all been called “home” at one time or another. She’s even been employed as a Federal Agent. Now you can find her quietly living in Pittsburgh, Pa, with her husband, writing her next novel about Grandfather and Lilly, a lively story where Lilly’s dead husband’s ghost haunts her, tormenting her at every glance.

FYI… Dingle eats him in the second chapter but can’t keep him down, or out of the spaghetti sauce. Paranormal humor at its best; romance stilted by two opposing forces. An Italian ghost and a Native American spirit come head to head. Who will win?

You can also find RA on Facebook, and her blog. Be sure to follow her on Twitter. Keep track of her new releases and read about The Kiowa in Love series.

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