Monday Madness – January

aSo sorry I missed last month’s Monday Madness. With the holidays and all, I just flat missed it. I know I said I would do a blog about query letters, but unfortunately my muse is failing me. I can’t force it, so I was hoping we could wait it out together.

In the meantime, for this month’s Monday Madness I thought I would talk about my new story, The Cabin. I plan to make it a series of four novellas that take place in Thermopolis Wyoming over the course of a year. I’m having a lot of fun writing it and discovering Sophie and Clint’s story.

Sophie Chandler is a twenty-seven year-old woman in the fashion industry. She lives and works in Chicago as a high-powered advertising agent. Growing up in a small town in Texas, she attended college before she left home. Rick was her first real boyfriend, and he sweeps her off her feet shortly after she moves to the big city. Believing everything he says and does is in her best interest, she is hoping for a marriage proposal, but Rick admits to cheating and leaves her for another woman.

Getting away from the Chicago winter is a welcome relief.

Heartbroken, she goes on a spur of the moment vacation to be alone and think about where her life is going. She rents a cabin for a week in the wilds of Wyoming to get away from Chicago for somewhere quiet and secluded. The cabin owner, Clint Hodges doubts her ability to survive a week during winter, but she doesn’t let that stop her. She is done letting men make decisions for her.

The cabin is beautiful. A picturesque log structure nestled in the mountains surrounded by forest with a lake and a surprise hot spring. Perfect for her intentions to get away from everything, no phone, no TV, no radio. Sophie’s short vacation to regroup is interrupted when the town sheriff gets snowed in with her. Company is not what she wants, but it might be just what she needs.


Four days later the storm breaks and they are dug out. Sophie returns home, but she can’t stop thinking about Clint.

Book two picks up at Easter. Sophie has four days off for the holiday weekend and sets up a short trip to spend time with Clint at the cabin.

Cling Hodges is the thirty-five year-old town sheriff. He has lived in Thermopolis all his life and is a third generation law enforcement officer. He owns the cabin with his sister and rents it out to vacationers. The four days he spends trapped during a blizzard with Sophie turns out be the best of his life.

When she left, he never thought he would hear from her again. Excited to spend more time with her, he wants everything to be perfect for her visit. The citizens of Thermopolis find out Sophie is returning, and take it upon themselves to make her Clint’s girlfriend.  He wants her, but distance keeps them apart.

Right now, I am working on chapter four of the second novella in the series. I have an outline and notes to finish the whole series. My goal is to publish part one in November of 2017 and publish the other three novellas three months apart. I want to have them all finished and ready to go before I publish the first one, tentatively called, The Cabin in Winter.

I don’t want to fall into the trap of not having the next installment ready for when the seasons come around. The second novella is set in springtime, the third will be over the 4th of July holiday, and the end will take place surrounding the Christmas holidays.

So, there it is in a nutshell. A rough draft of my work in progress. Please feel free to visit my Pinterest board about, The Cabin. I have lots of pictures that are inspiration for the story.




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