Strong Writing Made Easier

I’ve decided to re-blog an article I did a couple of years ago. This is the most common mistake I see writers make. New writers, educated writers, and writers who are publishing. It makes no difference with experience, I see this all the time when I critique/edit a story. In my opinion, if you can get a handle on using stronger wording, it fixes many other mistakes as well, such as passive voice, telling vs showing, and the emotional connection the readers have with your characters.

Very Sherry Terry

The War on Words

Every time I take part in a discussion about using certain words, or not using them, I always imagine at least one person having a moment.

house head exploding

The conversation turns into a heated debate between people who hear “never” and people who say “within moderation, not too much, sparingly.” The argument has left me filled with the conviction that even when used correctly, certain words can weaken the sentence if overused.

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2 thoughts on “Strong Writing Made Easier

  1. Thanks Sherry! I wrote a series of blogs a few months ago on how much I dislike those words as a reader, and yet I still struggle to write stronger sentences myself. I think I get there in the end, but I still need ‘practice and a little time’ to construct them in the first place. Your blog has helped me verbalize what I knew innately, and has already taken me a step closer to the practice of strong sentences.

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