Writing Prompt Number Two – August


Since there are five Mondays in August, I thought it would be fun to have another writing prompt. Please feel free to write a flash of no more than 1,000 words in the comments. I’d love to read them.

writing prompt 33

Step through this door. What’s on the other side?

Any genre welcome. Erotica writers please mark yours as adult before the story begins. Example: This is an adult erotica story.

Have fun!




4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Number Two – August

  1. I know this is probably not great writing but it’s something 🙂 )

    There’s a saying that says when God closes a door he opens a window. Throughout one’s life there are many doors to walk through not knowing what was on the other side Choices that are gut wrenching. Knowing if a door isn’t chosen, it disappears as the other is opening.
    I now find myself in front of yet another door. Only this time there isn’t a choice. No other doors, no windows just me and this door. As I wait to open this door the room gets smaller and smaller. There is no escape but still I don’t want to open this door.
    I’m reminded of my past choices as the room behind me disintegrates. Graying then fading little by little. I can’t let it go. I want to revisit the doors I neglected but there is nothing but an outline, would they have led me somewhere other than where I am today.
    I hesitate my mind racing with what lies behind the only door I have in front of me. Old age, death? Never making one single dream come true in my life. It hasn’t been bad, not all of it. I have a wonderful family that I love even more than myself. But the younger version of myself longingly looks back. I wanted a different life, not just for me but for my family. Turning back to the door in front of me I don’t see a bright future. My choices led me here.
    The room closing in on me doesn’t leave much time. My heart is sitting firmly in my throat. When I open this final door, this final chapter, will there be another. Another chance to recreate a dream and actually follow it to fruition. The doors as of late have been scarce and this last one is it. For now.
    My hand finds its way to the knob. It’s cold and unyielding. But so is the room its much smaller now the choices of the past gone.
    I have no idea what’s behind this door. My head feeling heavy as tears streak down my face. I feel failure radiating from the walls. There isn’t a choice. If I stay I’ll be lost for good. A faded memory that doesn’t matter. Then again, the same thing could happen if this last step leads to yet another failure. Staying is giving up, but the unknown paralyses my thoughts.
    It creaks and squeals as I turn it. Taking in one final deep breath as I pull it open. I can’t see beyond the threshold. From experience I know in order to see I must cross over. My thoughts analyze staying versus actually walking through. What’s the difference in giving up now and fighting for more? I glance back and the room is gone. Only the small sliver of ground beneath my feet. I close my eyes and step. My son, my husband flashing through my mind as my foot firmly plants on the other side.
    It’s dark and scary, just as I suspected. I sit down in front of where the door used to be and wait. Not sure for what. Something to signal that I’m not done, some sign to give me hope.

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