Writing Prompt – August

Please feel free to write a flash of no more than 1,000 words in the comments. I’d love to read them.

Tell this story…

writing prompt 13

Any genre welcome. Erotica writers please mark yours as an adult story. Example: This is an adult erotica story.

Have fun!





8 thoughts on “Writing Prompt – August

  1. Patience. Patience was required. And a comfortable sitting position. Kelly was not comfortable, her legs ached, and the guitar was in danger of slipping off her lap. A passer-by stopped to stare intently at her. No, not at her, at the display. He walked on. Others walked by, some stopped to look, Kelly remained still. Time passed. A street light illuminated the corner next to the shop window where a tramp had fallen asleep . The Sweeper was heading his way.
    ‘KEEPING YOUR CITY CLEAN. CLEARING AWAY THE UNWANTED AND THE UNUSEFUL’ The red letters blazoned against the white panels.
    Kelly thought about moving. A tap on the window would have warned the man. Too late. The Sweeper had located him. Long mechanical arms grabbed the dazed tramp and lifted him struggling into the refuse disposal. The cage rattled. She didn’t move. She continued to stare out onto the pristine street. Not long now. A few more minutes and closing time. A panel opened in the painted backdrop of the beachfront and HR563 stepped through.
    ‘Good work Kelly’ his metallic tone was flat. He marked the clipboard. ‘You can move now’
    Kelly wasn’t so sure.
    ‘I think you will be a useful member of the team. You can start tomorrow. Sign here please.’
    Kelly stretched to loosen up her stiff limbs. She hesitated before signing. What was her alternative? She needed a job. She thought of the man swept away with the rest of the unuseful, unwanted.
    ‘Thank you Kelly. Welcome to The Store. You are useful. You are wanted

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      1. Was having problems with getting it to load. Glad it went through. It may duplicate in the comments box because at one point i was frantically tap all the buttons on my phone!

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      1. I wanted to write a story where the mannequin came to life, but that has been done so many times. So I thought what if the mannequin was already alive?

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