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These books are for adults only.

You must be at least 18 to purchase. Rated XXX for graphic sexual content.

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The Cocky Stranger 99¢


Sharon isn’t sure she can move on once the divorce papers are signed until the cocky stranger with an umbrella saves her.

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Voyeur in the Mist $1.99

A kink fetish story about voyeurism and exhibitionism.


Some women dream of flowers, of romance. Susan isn’t one of those women. Her secret dream is to be watched through her bedroom window. As a high school teacher, she tries her best to hide her desire, but her inner exhibitionist wants out. A chance encounter at the Dentist’s office might just be what Susan needs to finally get what she has always dreamed about. Now all she has to do is to convince the mysterious man to help her.

Justin’s life as a molecular biologist is on the fast-track to a promising future. He enjoys his quiet life, dating no one in particular, but that all changes when he bumps into a pretty young woman with kinky sexual ideas that skirt the law. Her exciting inclinations arouse him, filling him with an undeniable urge to join in her escapades.

Will they risk everything for an exciting sex life or play it safe?

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